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Philips - Improving patient outcomes

“With Adobe Connect, we can regularly engage with our customers, enable our field force to demonstrate the capabilities of our products, and help ensure that people know how to properly use our equipment and leverage the full clinical capabilities. This all adds up to patient benefits.”

Douglas Dell,
Global director, Learning Services,
Philips Healthcare

For healthcare firms to effectively serve global populations, they must engage learners with information when, where, and how it will have the greatest impact. At Philips Healthcare, the use of Adobe Connect software and the Connect Enterprise Server supports the company’s Learning Services business efforts to provide high-quality, web-based education programs for customers and partners, and enhanced training for marketing, sales, and distribution teams worldwide.


E*Trade - Building innovative brand recognition

“We wanted a single, reliable service provider with a full suite of products that fulfilled our needs, would be compatible with our systems, and would easily integrate with our IT infrastructure. After researching other products on the market it was clear that Adobe® provides the most comprehensive and easy to use eLearning technology available.”

Abi Srikhanta
Training officer
E*TRADE Australia

As one of the country’s leading online brokerages, E*TRADE Australia is one of Australia’s first brokers to offer online direct investing. The company offers both retail and wholesale customers an award-winning suite of products and services and is the only online broker to offer customers access to information from eight independent research houses. In particular, the firm strives to enhance the experiences of its online brokerage and share-trading customers. The organization’s progressive attitude led E*TRADE to seek a rapid eLearning solution to strengthen its training initiatives.


Allianz - Training more than 200,000 employees and partners worldwide

“At the Allianz Group, eLearning is now an integral part of doing business. Adobe® Connect™ Server makes it easy to publish content to the LMS or on the Intranet... The platform is increasingly used for internal marketing as well as management announcements to employees.”

Katja Ruisinger
Manager eLearning Services
Allianz SE

Professional development is a big challenge for organizations, and traditional training methods no longer satisfy the demand. “Training can be costly and time consuming,” says Katja Ruisinger, Manager eLearning Services at Allianz SE, the holding company of Allianz Group. “Stricter organizational processes are making it more difficult for employees to find time for training. eLearning makes it possible to bring training and education to the workplace and deliver it worldwide at any time.”


Academy of Art University - Quality courses on-campus and online

“Adobe Connect enables us to take web-based higher education to the level we always envisioned—by leveraging Adobe® technology to easily reach students and prospective students worldwide.”

Jason Shaeffer
Director of Online Studies
Academy of Art University

The Academy of Art University prepares aspiring artists and designers for professional careers by delivering undergraduate and professional degree and certificate programs. The university’s online programs are fully accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC). With approximately 11,000 students from over 40 countries, about half of them taking one or more classes online, the university is the largest private school of art and design in the United States. The Academy of Art University is using Adobe® technology to extend the physical boundaries of its San Francisco campus—and enroll record numbers of students into virtual, accredited, degree and certificate programs.


Ontario Ministry of Education - Lesson in achievement: Ontario selects Adobe Connect to enhance public education for more than two million Canadian students

"With Adobe® Media Player, our viewers can have both online and offline experiences with us, and this option opens a tremendous opportunity to foster extended relationships.”

Shawn Allenby
Regional eLearning contact
Ottawa Carleton District School Board


The sheer size and scope of Ontario’s public education system poses a unique set of challenges, particularly when it comes to using technology to help sustain a vibrant, publicly funded program. After conducting an extensive review process, the Ontario Ministry of Education’s software acquisition advisory committee recommended that all 72 school boards, 12 faculties of education, and 6 other public educational entities be empowered with Adobe Connect to foster Internet-based learning and online meetings.


USDA Graduate School - Broadening professional development opportunities

“Our goal is to add experiential value to engage learners in superior ways. Adobe Connect software enables us to do exactly that.”

Sharon Fratta-Hill,
Dean of information technology,
Graduate School, USDA Platform

Because government agencies and enterprises often have limited dollars for job training—particularly for travel—development experts are employing cost-effective web technologies to reach individuals with relevant and engaging courses. As it expands its curriculum to offer more online training via these technologies, the Graduate School, USDA has turned to Adobe® solutions.


MedPoint Communications - New efficiencies in drug research and testing

"Adobe Connect software delivers the right mix of power and ease of use. We can quickly pull together and present engaging conferences with detailed slides, molecular animations, prerecorded video, and live discussions."

Craig Ward
senior developer
MedPoint Communications

Using Adobe Connect, MedPoint can take slides, video, photos, and other content from presenters and quickly assemble those materials into a seamless presentation. Equally important, the Adobe® software makes it easy to accommodate last-minute changes from presenters, who always want to integrate the most current research into discussions with their colleagues.


MSA - Internal and external training on demand

"With Adobe® software, we're engaging our customers and business partners in ways never before possible."

Susie Sapsara,
eMarketing manager,

Established in 1914, MSA is a global leader in the development, manufacture, and supply of sophisticated safety products that typically integrate any combination of electronics, mechanical systems, and advanced materials to protect users against hazardous or life-threatening situations. Overall, the Adobe® solution needed to reduce training costs and integrate seamlessly with the company's IT structure, as well as avoid the need for specialized client software. Additionally, the training solution needed to minimize the impact on IT support, be easy for trainees and content providers to use without learning new skills, and avoid the expense of specialized design and support staff.


Grundfos - Training customers and staff worldwide

"By using Adobe® Connect and Adobe® Flash, we are confident that people can participate in trainings without problems."

Ole Kristensen,
senior eLearning project manager,

Grundfos is the world's largest manufacturer of circulation pumps. The company has offices in 58 countries and currently employs approximately 14,000 staff, with roughly a third employed in Denmark. With its large employee base and complex products, Grundfos has its own training academy that today is being supplemented with Adobe Connect software.

eLearning is crucial for Grundfos to meet the challenges of the future and to reinforce its position as the leading company in the pump industry. Both employees and customers can be educated with the help of Adobe Connect.


The Court of Cremona - Ready for innovation

“By collaborating with Adobe® and using products such as Adobe® Policy Server, Adobe® LiveCycle Workflow, and Adobe® Connect, the court is designing a powerful system that can easily be replicated in other areas, without customization. This is important because it allows the Court of Cremona to achieve great results with limited efforts, without developing ad hoc software.”

Pierpaolo Beluzzi,
District representative,
Court of Appeals of Brescia

The Court of Cremona is an efficient unit of the Italian legal system. 14 judges and 50 employees work at the court which assembles about 7 times a week, tackling 12 to 13 criminal trials each time. The Court of Cremona has been using computer technology for quite some time, following guidelines from the Digital Administration Code. Efficiency and speed have inspired several projects including the conversion of documents to digital format done in collaboration with Adobe. For the past several years, all papers related to pre-trial conferences have been available in Adobe® Portable Document Format (PDF). Starting recently, all court papers associated with a trial are available in digital format only.



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