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    Adobe® Connect™ Webinars helps you deliver compelling immersive digital events, maximize outreach, increase event exposure and attendance, measure results and optimize outcomes.

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Adobe Connect is the most comprehensive solution for webinars and training.”

“Adobe has the most feature-packed product in this evaluation.”

The Forrester Wave: Web Conferencing, Q3 2013 Forrester Research Inc., September 2013


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Adobe Connect Webinars: the all-in-one solution for digital marketing events

Produce rich, engaging event pages and microsites

Rapidly create custom branded landing pages with calls to action that will drive traffic to your registration page and expose your message to wider audiences. Use intuitive drag-and-drop content creation tools and templates to fully customize your pages, emails and catalogs.

Maximize reach and simplify event attendance

Expand your reach by enabling participants to join your events from virtually any mobile or desktop device, with simplified access and email reminders to ensure users don't miss your event. Easily record your webinars for later, on-demand viewing.

Deliver superior event experiences to inspire action

Convert prospects into leads with tools that help you communicate your message with the greatest impact — utilize dynamic multimedia content and video streaming, intuitive event layouts and controls, social media integration and real-time engagement monitoring tools.


Prepare your event once and reuse continuously

Share a variety of content types including images, documents, video, audio, animations, presentations, simulations and more. Bring unlimited webcam streams into the meeting room, for a true face-to-face experience - no additional plug-ins or add-ons required.

Optimize campaigns with built-in analytics

Manage meetings far more effectively leveraging pre-set meeting environments and stored content. Collaborate with multiple presenters behind the scenes in presenter-only area. Create multiple breakout rooms for focused collaboration sessions.

Qualify leads and integrate with enterprise systems

Record your meetings and republish to the content library for widespread on-demand access. Enable viewers to quickly skip to the most relevant parts with automatic indexing. Formalize training around your recordings with Adobe Connect for eLearning.