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    With Adobe Connect software, marketing and sales departments can increase leads, boost response rates, and close deals faster through high-impact web conferencing. Forget specialized software — all it takes is a web browser and the Adobe® Flash Player runtime.

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Solutions for Marketing and Sales

Boost audience attendance and participation

Eliminate technical barriers with instant access

Even the best online seminar is useless if your audience can't participate. You can reach your audience instantly and eliminate barriers to attendance with Adobe Connect because it's based on Adobe® Flash Player, which is already installed on more than 98% of Internet-connected desktops worldwide. That means your audience can join Adobe Connect seminars and access Adobe® Presenter presentations just by clicking a URL — no cumbersome software downloads.

Make your presentations stand out

Play videos of corporate executives during Adobe Connect seminars to communicate high-level messages, and use customer testimonial videos to enhance credibility. Adobe Connect enables you to share high-impact multimedia content — including streaming audio, video, and software simulations — to make your seminars and on-demand presentations both compelling and persuasive. Easily conduct breakout discussions for increased interactivity and participation.

Record, edit, and download seminars for anytime viewing

Record web seminars — including synchronized audio — from either Internet (VoIP) or telephone audio conferencing to make them available to people who can't attend. Use simple mark-in and mark-out tools to edit out unwanted sections. Make recordings available for download on a website or for offline viewing and distribution.


Generate more qualified leads at a lower cost

Increase conversion with online seminars

Host lively and informative web seminars to engage prospects and respond to questions in real time. Take advantage of multiperson video in Adobe Connect, your choice of Internet (VoIP) or telephone audio conferencing, and unparalleled support for rich multimedia content to deliver web seminars that are the next best thing to being there.

Improve direct e-mail response

Increase the success of your e-mail and online ad campaigns by driving prospects to engaging, narrated Adobe® Presenter presentations instead of simply linking to static landing pages. Get feedback instantly through embedded surveys. Respondents simply click an embedded URL to view a multimedia presentation, fully branded with your corporate logo and colors.

Automate registration procedures

Automate attendee registration, notifications, reminders, and post-event thank-you e-mails. Customize registration pages and the look and feel of your online seminar rooms to reflect your corporate branding.


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