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    With the captivating interface of Adobe Connect software, you'll empower trainers to capture and keep learners' attention — and to increase knowledge retention by making the experience fun.

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Solutions for Virtual Classrooms

Easily create and customize virtual classrooms

You can quickly create online classes with customizable layouts and reusable, archived content. You can even connect students with audio, video, and interactive simulations to address a variety of learning styles — just like you would in a physical classroom.

Teach new or existing courses within virtual classrooms

Choose any previously created Adobe® Presenter or Adobe® Captivate® course from the content library to teach within your virtual classroom. You can teach the entire course or allow learners to go through it at their own pace. Learners can take quizzes on their own and their results will be recorded in the Connect Training system.

Customize virtual classroom layouts

Use customizable tabs to organize virtual classroom flow and content. Easily select and arrange content windows for each layout, making the flow of your class easy and engaging.

Save layouts as templates for future reuse

Virtual classroom layouts and content can be saved as reusable templates for personal or systemwide use. Content saved in templates becomes instantly available in new virtual classrooms created from those templates.


Conduct high-impact virtual classroom sessions

Provide instant access

Boost participation by eliminating technical barriers. Adobe Connect virtual classrooms are delivered via the Adobe® Flash Player runtime, already installed on more than 98% of Internet-connected computers, so learners can instantly access the online classroom without cumbersome downloads.

Enable all learners to practice at the same time

Adobe Connect enables everyone in attendance to complete simulations and quizzes and interact with content at the same time while remaining inside the virtual classroom experience.

Provide the same interactivity in recorded sessions

Learners who missed a session don't miss out. All interactive, hands-on components — such as quizzes, simulations, and links — remain interactive even in recorded classroom sessions and meetings.

Use breakout rooms to focus discussions

Within your virtual classroom, you can create multiple subclasses, also known as breakout rooms. Each breakout includes its own private VoIP or telephone conference call. Use a default template or create custom layouts for each room, providing specific content appropriate for each breakout. Hosts can monitor all breakouts, move between them, and broadcast messages to all participants across room boundaries. When it's time to bring the groups back together, hosts can review breakout room content with the entire group in the main room.


Efficiently manage and track learner progress

Evaluate virtual classroom effectiveness

Enable trainers to gauge the effectiveness of courses taught within virtual classrooms. Customizable reports as well as page-level, slide-level, and question-level feedback indicate where revisions are needed.

Generate training reports

The new report generator provides custom fields and filters so you can get a meaningful overview of the progress and current status of all enrolled learners.

Track individual learner progress

With a new home page and curriculum view, learners can view their assigned training and easily track their own progress through learning paths.


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