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Solutions for Rapid Training

Rapidly create high-impact training

Adobe Connect, Adobe® Presenter, and Adobe® Captivate® software give you all the tools you need to quickly design and deliver rapid training. All your learners need is what they already have: a web browser and the Adobe® Flash® Player runtime.

Design compelling content quickly

Empower nontechnical subject matter experts to create courses using nothing more complicated than Microsoft PowerPoint. Adobe Presenter makes it easy to add voice-over narration and multimedia content to presentations from within PowerPoint. Adobe Captivate enables anyone to create how-to demos of software procedures, simply by recording the screen.

Provide instant access

Boost participation by eliminating technical barriers. Adobe Presenter and Adobe Captivate automatically publish your courses using Adobe Flash Player, already installed on more than 98% of Internet-connect desktop computers, so learners can instantly access Adobe Connect without cumbersome downloads.

Incorporate existing content

Easily incorporate existing AICC-compliant content or content created in Adobe® authoring tools, such as Adobe® Captivate, Flash, and Dreamweaver® software.

Create interactive tutorials and simulations

Turn passive viewers into active participants by inserting interactive simulations, software demonstrations, or scenario-based training created with Adobe Captivate. Adobe Captivate works seamlessly with other Adobe products, enabling you to publish directly to Adobe Connect Server to deliver, track, report, and launch Adobe Captivate content within Adobe Connect and Adobe Presenter.

Count on industry-standard security

Adobe Connect Server uses industry standards SSL and TLS to provide 128-bit encrypted channels for HTTPS and RTMPS.

Easily update content

Manage course content using the fully searchable Adobe Connect content library, which makes it easy to find, retrieve, reuse, and update existing course material.


Easily deploy self-paced courses

Manage enrollment and notification

Quickly and easily manage course or curriculum setup using robust enrollment management capabilities. Send automated e-mail notifications and reminders based on learner progress.

Allow learners to self-enroll

Enable learners to browse an online catalog for the courses, curriculums, and virtual classes your training department offers. Set permissions to control who can see certain listings. You can also implement an optional approval process with workflow notifications to ensure learners have met specific requirements, such as prerequisites or manager approval, before they can enroll in a class.

Address a variety of learning styles

Develop curriculums that drive results by combining live and self-paced training. Create relationships within your courses that enable learners to test out of and bypass content they have mastered, or use prerequisites to enforce your high-level instructional design strategy.


Efficiently manage and track learner progress

Evaluate content effectiveness

Enable authors to gauge the effectiveness of their courses through customizable reports. Slide-level and question-level feedback indicates where revisions are needed.

Generate training reports

The new report generator provides custom fields and filters so you can get a meaningful overview of the progress and current status of all enrolled learners.

Track individual learner progress

With a new home page and curriculum view, learners can view their assigned training and easily track their own progress through learning paths.


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